What We Do

Throughout numerous decades in the manufacturing industry, we’ve persistently refined our products and services to perfection. Leveraging state-of-the-art technologies and custom-built machinery, we’ve meticulously crafted top-tier offerings. This unwavering commitment guarantees that Mentis reliably delivers premium products with unparalleled efficiency.


Revolutionary grating design
Mentis grating is engineered to carry loads with minimal dead weight while maximising air flow and light penetration. It is a world-renowned, affordable flooring solution with aesthetic appeal. The grating is manufactured to a quality standard that delivers resilience and craftsmanship, defining industry standards.


Protection from the unknown
Mentis guardrail is a barrier system that is designed to keep vehicles from straying into dangerous or off-limit areas. It helps protect property and pedestrians in high traffic areas in public or residential areas.


Lifesaving precision handrail systems
Mentis Handrail is designed to protect people by creating a safety barrier that reduces building loads using ball-and-tube handrail. The handrail systems are effectively designed and precision engineered for efficiency as a complete or modular system, depending on site requirements.


Bespoke steel fabrication
Let Mentis bring your vision to life through our national manufacturing and fabrication facilities. Mentis Africa can offer simple solutions to any brief. 


A versatile material
Mentis expanded metal represents years of engineering experience in every sheet, giving you the guarantee of performance and reliability. Expanded metal solves the industrial and architectural structure and design requirements through clever use of the product’s profile and material.


Services and capabilities
The Mentis team has years of engineering and manufacturing experience to provide you with the knowledge and reassurance to get the job done right – first time. Mentis can provide various products, thus assisting you with finding your ultimate solution.

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