Pressure Lock Grating  
The Mentis Pressure Lock Grating is a fully unified open-floor grating, locking flat bars and round bars together to create the perfect blend of strength and performance.

Welded Bar Grating  
The Mentis Fusion Welded Grating is a fully unified open-floor grating, with flat bars and round bars fusion welded together to create the perfect blend of strength and performance.

Heel Guard Grating  
The Mentis Heel Guard Grating redefines pedestrian-friendly grating by maximising comfort, through tightly spaced bars with the open style functionality of traditional open floor grating.

FRP Grating  
Mentis FRP Grating combines fibre glass strength, with polyester resin, to achieve the chemical resistance demanded from highly corrosive environments.

Aluminium Grating 
Mentis Aluminium Grating utilises aluminium flat bar with a pressure-locked cross rod to offer a light weight and tough open-floor grating, that also delivers corrosion resistance.

Mentis Planks are a single strip of metal formed into self-supporting planks with a grip surface: the perfect combination of practical form and design.

Walkway Planks
Ingenuity through design the Mentis Walkway Planks provide a walkway with minimal supporting steel to revolutionise installation.

Mentis Grating can be specified as flooring, stair treads and trench covers in various industries including, but not limited to, construction, engineering, oil and gas, mining and industrial markets. It can also be used for fencing, shelving, barricades and screens - it is only limited by your imagination.


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